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Top ideas for a new coffee shop

Ireland has really developed its coffee culture over the last decade. So, if you’re thinking of opening a coffee shop, how do you make it stand out?

Of course, quality coffee and qualified staff are a given. Good music and nibbles can certainly create the right atmosphere and make your visitors regulars.

But here’s some ideas for a unique coffee shop. You don’t have to use them all, or any of them. Though they might get you thinking how to make your shop distinctive.

1. Create a friendly environment.

2. Take your coffee and your brand to the streets.

Take your delicious coffee and your fantastic staff on the road to concerts, festivals, park runs or other events. It’s a way of promoting the brand while making money. If you’ve the space and the investment, you could introduce a drive/walk through coffee hatch for commuters.

3. Make it work compatible.

Cater to remote employees and freelancers by promoting your coffee shop as a coworking space. Make it the ‘go to’ place for meetings or workers on the road to stop off and respond to a few emails. If you’ve the space you could even section off some areas for private meetings or podcasting. Once they plug the venue of course!!

4. Art for art’s sake

Offer your walls to local artists. It saves you the expense of buying good art, it keeps the look fresh by rotating the artists and you’re creating good will by promoting local business and art.

5. Offer after work delicacies.

Of course, you’ll probably invest in local hand-crafted treats in the morning, made in your neighbourhood, to offer something extra with the coffee and strengthen community bonds.

6. Themed events.

Keeping it fresh is very important. Host some themed events. Take your customers to Paris, for instance, by offering outdoor seating areas where patrons can sip their espresso, nibble their croissants. Spain and Italy offer equally interesting options. You can also make the most of Halloween, Valentines or Easter, once your staff are adventurous enough!!

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