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Who We Are


We are a small team from County Waterford whose lives revolve around coffee. From visiting coffee farms to serving that perfect cup in our flagship coffee bar 'Trade', we are obsessed with every single stage of the process. Nothing makes us happier than discovering new coffee farms and harvests that we can develop into specialty roasts for you to enjoy. We are really excited to have our very own state of the art 'Giesen' roaster at our Blue Butterfly HQ so we roast away to our heart’s content - creating the perfect coffee for you every time, we have something for everyone!

Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. Ltd.

Our Mission


Like we said, we’re literally steeped in coffee and our mission is two-fold - to always treat our growers with fairness, and to create the ultimate customer experience from bean to cup. So, whether you are brewing at home or getting your vital-to-your-day take away, you’ll enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. Ltd.
Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. Ltd.

Meet The Team

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