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Barista Training, the why’s and why nots

Taking a coffee training course can be one of the most exciting and interesting things you do this year. By completing a barista course, you will gain a variety of valuable skills not only limited to coffee-making but a wider range of aptitudes and knowledge that you will carry with you for years after, regardless of where your path takes you.

Coffee training courses can open up a world of opportunities, from new experiences to meeting incredible people. Many places around the world are always in need of top-quality baristas because let’s face it, everyone loves coffee.

If you’re in the business, then it’s even more important. The more knowledge everyone has in the industry, the better everyone can perform. When it comes to training a barista, they need to be well accustomed in knowing how to brew exceptional coffee to high standards, cleaning and maintaining coffee equipment and providing exceptional customer service.

If your barista has the know-how to make quality beverages, they will have more confidence behind the bar. They will make drinks faster, waste less coffee and milk, and produce better tasting drinks.

If your baristas have been well-trained and prepared for busy, fast-paced environments then they will be more than ready to face those lunchtime queues of people waiting for their afternoon caffeine fix. They will also be quick when it comes to serving each customer efficiently and without feeling flustered or under pressure.

At Trade Coffee House on the Quay in Waterford City we have a range of Barista courses for individuals and groups from Beginners to Professional. Seamus and his team have courses suitable for those already in the trade or those looking to get started. They’ve delivered training to a diverse range of individuals and abilities.

Our courses follow best practice training principles and have specific learning outcomes, including equipment essentials, espresso fundamentals, grinders settings, milk texture and temperature, and Latte Art.

For more information and to book a course check out

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