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Its die-cast aluminium fins are the heart of the KRYO 65 / 65 OD. Thanks to its high heat conductivity, aluminium extracts and rapidly dissipates the heat generated by the movement of the burrs. The low position of the motor with respect to the grinding zone reduces the risk of coffee overheating.


KRYO 65 / 65 OD is fitted with an attractively styled hopper in foodgrade, shock-resistant polycarbonate, whose 1.3 kg capacity allows a classic 1kg bag of coffee beans to be poured in safely and easily. An adaptor kit is also available for the direct installation of cans of coffee beans.


The KRYO 65 / 65 OD is fitted with a micrometric adjustment device to ensure maximum precision when setting the desired particle size. An anti-accidental rotation lock prevents undesired changes being made to the chosen setting. The flat burrs in 100% steel are subjected to the special ThermoSteel heat treatment to ensure durability.


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Rancilio Kryo 65