Das Colinas - Beans - 250g

  • Our current speciality Single Origin coffee comes from Sítio Das Colinas artisan farm on the slopes of the Caparaó mountains in Brazil. This farms specific orientation means their plantation is exposed to a limited amount of sunshine daily which results in a slower ripening of the coffee “cherries” on the tree allowing a greater depth of sweetness to develop. Nilim, introduced to us by our roaster David who spent years living and working directly with coffee farmers in this region of Brazil, comes from a family of coffee farmers committed to producing exceptional coffees and to using traditional methods that respect and preserve the environment -  such as ensuring the cherries are allowed the right amount of time to sun dry on suspended beds and then again allowing the beans the right time to rest in wooden barrels


    Fintan says he is extremely privileged to have the opportunity to partner with Nilim, to access this quality / calibre of coffee. He has worked with David to hone the particular roasting process on this harvest, from the Red Catuí Varietal -  producing a very smooth medium plus bodied coffee with well balanced acidity exhibiting boozy fig, stone fruit, black cherry and ripe plum on the palate.

  • 250g