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Mavam Undercounter Espresso Machine



Designed by a service technician.

The Under Counter Espresso Machine is designed to exceed the tireless demands of today's espresso bar operators while maintaining world class temperature stability.

One piece machined stainless steel brew groups have a built in 200 watt heater to maintain the temperature of the group. This is power efficient and incredibly good at maintaining temperature. Individual pumps for each brew group allow for uninterrupted brewing pressure and individual group brewing pressures. This lets you pre infusion on one group while using full pump pressure on another. Heated steam lines allow control over how much moisture you eliminate as steam travels from steam boiler up to the steam wand. Heat exchangers pre heat water before individual brew boilers per group. Patent pending heated hoses bring water from the brew boilers up to the heated groups to give us temperature stability from shot to shot.

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